WOOHOO!! It's SUMMER!!!(ok, school for me got out on the 10th, but whtevs)!! NO SCHOOL!! OH YEAH!!!  I REALLY wish I had a pool. grr.  Anyway, what r u guys doing 4 summer???  I seriously don't know what I'm doing besides going to a sports camp.    

Anyway, sorry for not updating (AGAIN, yeah, I know)!!!  Since it's summer, I had A LOT of stuff to get to last week and the week before.  Oh, also for the student council race, I WON!! ok, not president, but Secretary. That sounded like the best thing to run for because- first- only one person was running against me, and - second- I get to choose a quote for *almost* every week. . .

so - getting back on subject- what are ur plans 4 summer???

-Watchlistenplay XP XD

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