AAAAAAA!!! Only one month of Summer left for me!!!! School starts on the 22nd!!! It's gonna be so weird 2 be in school again.  It always takes a really long time for me 2 get used 2 getting up at 6 am. 
How long do u guys have for school 2 start??? K, one more thing: Go 2 the weekly poll page and vote, cuz there's only been one vote 2day!!! Thnx!! 


Ok, first of all, sorry for the small font.  The size thing isn't working. Anyway . . .

Woohoo!  Guess what I'm doing this weekend!!!?? I'm going BACKPACKING!!! I've never been backpacking in my whole life so it should be interesting.  We have to carry all of our stuff the whole time. Luckily, I'm not gonna be gone long, so yeah. 

Aaaa!!! Only 1 and 1/2  months of summer left for me . . . school starts august 22nd!!  More school supplies.  k, random question, do u think I should get a wheely back pack, or just a regular one????

Anyway, have a great rest of the Summer!!!


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