Ok, I totally just realized that there's NO way that school for me could start on the 22nd, cuz it's a SATURDAY!!! My school calendar said it did start on the 22nd . . . I guess it wuz just a typo . . . so yeah, school for me starts on August 24th . . . XP XD
k, this is really short but:
Also, the final decision was made 4 the funny sayings page . . . go to "Q's For My Viewers" to see if i'm adding it or not!!! Thnx!!

AAAAAAA!!! Only one month of Summer left for me!!!! School starts on the 22nd!!! It's gonna be so weird 2 be in school again.  It always takes a really long time for me 2 get used 2 getting up at 6 am. 
How long do u guys have for school 2 start??? K, one more thing: Go 2 the weekly poll page and vote, cuz there's only been one vote 2day!!! Thnx!! 


Labor Day Weekend is here!!!!!!! Yay!!! No school monday 4 me!!!!! if u have school on monday, click the comment thing above and tell me if u do. The same goes 2 those of us who don't!!! If u don't have school on monday, click the comment thing and tell me!!! I wanna see who's as lucky as i am!!! ;D

-The maker of this AWESOME site


Ok, now school has officially started 4 me, and some other people!  A new grade, a new teacher, a new year. My teacher that i have 4 my "homeroom" was my 1st grade teacher more than five years ago.  I know i'm definitely going 2 get less views, now that school has started, but if u can, just make sure that ur here 2 vote on the logo next week. 

Thanks so much 4 all the comments u guys sent on my last one.  I would definetely luv 2 have more, so PLEASE comment.  If u have a site, i will definitely go there and comment on urs.  Also, check out my new video  "The Laughing Quadrupelets", (It's SUPER funny) and try the "Strangely Fun" thing if u haven't already.  Have a great time on my site and TRY to enjoy the school year.   


This is my first post on this new blog!!!!!!!  If u want, u can write 2 me bye clicking on the the thing that says a number, which is 1 right now and then "comments".  Hopefully soon, that will say more than 5 comments, when u guys start 2 comment. I would definitely like it if u would just send me a comment once everytime u come here, just so i can be sure that u r still viewing my site.  Just say like "hi" or smthng.  If u have anythng 2 say 2 any of my very many viewers, put it here. like if u want them 2 go 2 ur site or smthng, just post ur name and say "go 2 my site!!!!" and then put the name of ur site under it.  Also, if u have a question 4 me that i probably can't answer just if u send me a regular comment, post it here. I'll have an answer as soon as i  read the comments(which will probably be as soon as u send the comment.  I'll post a blog once a week as kind of an update on my site.  I might have the theme of the week, like Best Friends week, or ice cream week, or smthng like that, cuz i know that last week was  best friends week.  PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!

 This week, nothing much is happening, except for those of us who are buying all of our school supplies and everything, unless u've already started school. Lucky 4 me, my school doesn't start untill thursday(and 4 those of u who r wondering, yes i will post a new post on thursday).  And for those of us who don't start till later: ENJOY SUMMER WHILE IT LASTS!!!!

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