HEYYY everyone!!! it's HALLOWEEN!!!!  Woohoo!!!! I'm going 2 a party tonite w. sum of my friends . . . k, so here r sum q's for u to answer . . .
What are u gunna be 4 halloween?
What's ur favorite candy???
are u gunna go to a haunted house?
 k, answer those questions on a comment!!!!
Also, the "Funny Sayings" page is up!! it's a subsection of the PAGE OF AWESOMENESS so just scroll ur mouse over "The Page of Awesomeness" and the other page should show up!
Annely-fofelly (wtheck???) XD
10/31/2009 04:18:22 am

heyyy!! goin to the party tonight, 2! i was a (deep breath) goth ballerina biker chick thingamabobber(pant. . .)! but when drew lent me some stuff, i was MICHAELA JACKSON!!! (i'd put mikayla, but it sounds like the kind of name,. . . uh, someone like miley cyrus would have. . .)

k, i love skittlez!!!!

no haunted house. . . :(

10/31/2009 04:54:04 am

Happy Halloween!!!
k the answers to ur ?'s:
I'm being a dice for Halloween.(It's the best costume ever!!!! I made it too!!!)

My fav. candies are Dots, Skittles, and Crunch.

I'm not goin' to a haunted house. :((((

11/11/2009 11:33:37 am

keewwwl . . . omg dice??? AWESOME!!! how did you make that?? I don't like dots but: sour patch kids, skittles, starburst!! all the fruity stuff!! i wuz the dead opposite of myself/dead careerless lady gaga (according to annel... XP) haha . . .
-watchlistenplay <3

11/12/2009 08:31:07 am

I got a cardboard box w/out a top, then cut out arm holes and a head hole. Then I then put white paper and black dots on it... so yeah it was awesome!!!!!


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