Hi guys!! Sorry I haven't updated.  On the Easter blogpost, I'll leave replies to the 10 comments in a min. k, sorry it's short, but bye!!!!


Ps: Yes, I DO have a real name!!! XP XD

4/24/2009 10:20:13 pm

Hey! This website is awsome!! can you go to mysite www.purplerox.weebly.com and leavemea message?

Thank you!


4/25/2009 03:44:54 am

Check out stasey.weebly.com like right now!

4/27/2009 06:49:46 am

what happened to my page? I am sad that you took it down...Why?

4/29/2009 07:25:44 am

OMG!!! it's not there!! when I edit my site it is there!!! OMg!!! I'm soooo sorry!!! I'll get it back up ASAP!!! Sorrry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry!!!! grr!! I don't know why that happened!!!

4/30/2009 07:10:48 am

Wow girl chill its just a website page its not like you forgot a sweet 16 b-day preasent.

8/12/2009 11:16:13 am

haha lilly has a point. . . but ya, i also noticed that this is an old blog post. . .

11/2/2010 05:43:35 pm

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