Ok, now school has officially started 4 me, and some other people!  A new grade, a new teacher, a new year. My teacher that i have 4 my "homeroom" was my 1st grade teacher more than five years ago.  I know i'm definitely going 2 get less views, now that school has started, but if u can, just make sure that ur here 2 vote on the logo next week. 

Thanks so much 4 all the comments u guys sent on my last one.  I would definetely luv 2 have more, so PLEASE comment.  If u have a site, i will definitely go there and comment on urs.  Also, check out my new video  "The Laughing Quadrupelets", (It's SUPER funny) and try the "Strangely Fun" thing if u haven't already.  Have a great time on my site and TRY to enjoy the school year.   

8/21/2008 12:47:33 pm

awesome!!! thanks 4 putting my site on "Your Site" Page!

8/22/2008 12:07:33 pm

Heyhey BFFL!!!I know we'll have a great school year. Remember, we don't have Eagleson. :D

-one of 14, emo_WATERMELON

8/23/2008 05:35:22 am

Thnx BFFL!!! Yeah, i'd agree!! I wonder what it'll b like next year!!???? :D :p !!

8/25/2008 12:06:35 am

hey! i would have put your site on my site but today i have deleted it! :( i was not getting enough views and there are too many sites like my old one! i will tell all my friends to visit! :)

8/25/2008 12:58:47 am

What the heck? 22 pages, you gotta be kidding me?! Ok, 15 is alot but 22 is a little to much, and it is going to get you less page views. Trust me, i had 20 once on my site and it got less views until I got it down to 13. And please visit my site jerichoband.weebly.com.

8/25/2008 10:38:55 am

ok, i would say i believe u J-man,(whoever u r) but, this month, my average site view number has been around 50. Considering what i usually get, that is kind of low, but 50 views is good 4 me.

8/25/2008 10:45:07 am

and 1 more thing 2 josh: Thnx 4 telling ur friends about my site!!!! I actually NEED more views. Though the average for this month has been 50, today and ystrdy, i only got 30. Thnx SOOOOO much!!!!

9/16/2008 09:35:57 am

hey finally visited your website not bad :)

9/27/2008 04:02:28 am

i live in AZ so i started 1st week of AUGUST!!! CRAZY! .... i like my school though... so i don't mind it.... its a weird arts school.... basically its 100% on standard test and has 1/2 of the day dedicated towards performing arts.... so i play piano and guitar... as well as sing in a choir :P haha.... why am i telling you this? i don't know.... heres a link to the site:

http://www.goasa.org haha.... we're a school of smart, dorky, crazy people...

9/28/2008 02:24:02 pm

can you delete my last comment? Thx

12/23/2008 06:33:03 am

go to my site! freewebs.com/italiantony


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