ok, this is just an update on anything new that's happening on my site:

I've recently added TWO new pages: THE PAGE OF AWESOMENESS!!! and ROTFLOL!!! SUPER funny pics!

The Page of Awesomeness is now my personal favorite on this site.  I have a ton of awesomely random stuff that i just found, including a monkey as a page pet.  There's a "Happy Today" icon that will change EVERY single day to wish u a happy whatever that day is, so come check it out when u can. Also, a couple of awesome quotes that NEED to be read and a DO NOT CLICK button, but come ON! u know u wanna click it!!!! ;)  One more thing about The Page of AWESOMENESS:  leave a rose if u like this site/ the page and leave a present for me and the rest of the viewers!!!! Thnx!

the super funny pics page is ALSO pretty awesome. Enjoy tons of pics i found that u wouldn't regularly find in everyday life.  Believe me. It's funny.  Thnx 4 reading!!!!

-The Maker of This AWESOME Site!!! ;) :D

9/25/2008 09:47:34 am

coolio :) haha i LOVE your site!!! i made a new site cuz the old one was too plain... i think you'll like this one better :P still not as good as yours though :P


i'll be a regular visitor :D


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