Hey Everyone who is reading this!!  This is my new Idea for me to share my Ideas w/ u guys for this site.  Here's how it's gonna work:

Anytime I have a new Idea for a page or other object to put up, I'll post it on the home page saying "New Idea!!! Go 2 Q's for my Viewers to vote" and on here and u guys can vote by clicking the comments button and saying if you want me to add it or not. 

So, For my first idea, how many Parts of "Stuff 2 Do" do you think I should add?  More than 10 (eventually)  or 10 or less?  And if more, how many more?  Plz vote!!!!  thnx!!


2/14/2009 05:59:05 am

I say u should keep it 10 or less. The page might get a little crowded!

2/14/2009 09:55:30 am

10. i personally think 10 is perfect. no more, no less. nikki has a point.


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