here r the awesome . . . and the not so awesome d-zines of the fashion world(If u really care)!!

Luv it!!


 she is  wearing paper bags(eeww:-&)  But she did make a very interesting dress(amazingly)!



Gross!! I'm barely brave enough 2 post this on my site!!

50trillion steps up from the last one(if i could spell the 17th "illion" number after trillion, i would ssssooooo write it!!) 

SOTTIGGIFS= So Over The Top Incredibly Gross Goth It's Freakishly Scary!!

Aaahh, Finally, a non goth dress that's completely awesome!!!

 EWEWEWEWWWWEEWWEEEWW!! Why don't u just dunk my head into the toilet!!!!!

Last but not least: TMADICF="The Most Amazing Dress I Could Find" made by Valentino:

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