Here's a strangely fun quiz-like thing that my BFFL sent me: Send me ur answers in the Comment box!!!! anyone who does will get their answers posted on the new "Funny Stuff" page.

here's an example(i am glad this is not my name, no offense 2 u if ur name happens to be fredwilla):  

type ur name: fredwilla

with ur fingers: fredwilla

with ur nose(and, yes, u actually have 2 type it with ur nose):frredwiml,ws

with ur knuckles(all 8 of them):fre4dfwillasd

with ur chin: cvcsdxsajk,m,mAZ

with ur toes(I'm serious):drdeedikkl;szx

and last but not least, with ur elbows:dfeasqawkl,.,laz

i hope u have as much fun as i did!!! :D

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